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World Meet Dax

By Jose B. Rivera

imageWhat or who is Dax? Glad you asked. Because Mr. Dax Feliz is someone very special in our community. Born almost 20 years ago, Dax attended East Harlem schools, including Central Park East and the East Harlem Tutorial Program. He was a member of the East Harlem Tutorial Program Robotics Team (after school program portion) which attended the Robotic Championships in Atlanta.

In this writer’s humble opinion what makes Dax unique (besides his cool name and handsome face) is that he wants to obtain a Degree in Astronomy and Physics. And Dax has worked hard to make that possible. First he graduated from high school and entered college at the age of 17. He is now in the second half of college at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where besides regular college course he studies Calculus, Physics and Astronomy. Of the three Dax will tell you that Calculus is the hardest part of his studies. It does not come quickly to him and he must struggle to pass the courses. Still, he applies himself and passes the courses.

Recently Dax started working in a grant program at the Museum of Natural History here in New York City.  He considers it an honor as not many are asked to work in that capacity. But as Dax moves through life one can see him moving toward his goal of becoming a Physicist in Exoplanetary Research. Everyday he studies, every course he passes, every internship and grant program in which he participates brings him ever so close to his goal.

Ultimately Dax Felix wants to return to the East Harlem community and open a school where Science is the main focus and where he can impart his love of Science, Astronomy, and Physics to students much like himself. Our community could only be enriched with more people like Dax in it. Dax Feliz proves that a lot of hard work and perseverance does pay off. That the student is just as responsible for their education as their educators and that good parents make a huge difference in how kids turn out. Dax is a breath of fresh air in a school system which does not always bring out the best in it’s students. The world is better with a Dax in it.

Note: This writer loves Astronomy and is just thrilled about Dax’s journey to join the ranks of the Astronomers and Physicists of the world. God Speed Dax.

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