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AppleBee’s Opens!

By Jose B. Rivera

image Among the celebrities in attendance were Dr. Oz, Tiki Barber Brooklyn Nets President Brett Yormark, and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Both Dr. Oz and Commissioner Kelly stayed after the ribbon cutting to mix with invitees, including yours truly.

AppleBee’s is huge, spacious and wonderfully decorated. The every wall except for the the “Living Wall” ( a vertical green space) are covered with photos of local kids, celebrities,  and places.

The customer service is second to none. You are greeted by lovely young women as you enter and then are seated by yet more lovely young women.  Servers are quick to take your order and the food is excellent down to the different deserts! East Harlem now has at least two eateries where the food and customer service are great, AppleBee’s and La Corsa Resturante.

Groups are not discouraged at Applebee’s.  This writer has already been with a group of over 50 and everything went extremely well. In checking out the prices for yet another group activity this writer can say that the groups rates are pretty good too.

You will not be disappointed by eating at AppleBee’s. Tell them Jose from East Harlem.com recommended you.

More Photos:

- Jose B Rivera Standing By the Wall

- Jose B Rivera Enjoying a Meal

- Oscar Rosado General Manager

- Tiki Barber

- El Barrio Wall

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