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Challengers for Melissa?

By Jose B. Rivera

East Harlem- January 7, 2009. Now that the year has begun, it is time to turn our attention to one of the many upcoming elections that will take place this year.  It is hard to believe but East Harlem’s City Council race is fast upon us.  Who knew time would past so fast?

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Open Letter to the Community

By Jose B. Rivera

East Harlem - September 18, 2008. Congressman Rangel e-mailed this open letter to the community.  East Harlem.com presents it here for your information: The campaign season has begun, and to no great surprise, I’m now a Republican talking point.  But I assure you, I’ve brought no dishonor to my family, the Congress, my constituents, or my country.

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Johnny Runs For District Leader

By Jose B. Rivera

Johnny C. Rivera, a community activist for most of his life is running for a leadership position within the Democratic Party, he is running for District Leader in Party A in East Harlem.  Although Mr. Rivera has usually been seen as one who helps others with their political campaigns , this is the first time that Mr. Rivera is the candidate.

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