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Congestion Pricing; Another Tax

By Jose B. Rivera

imageAugust 19,2023 -Well it looks like Congestion Pricing will come to New York City. What it means is that cars coming into certain areas of Manhattan at certain times will be taxed for it. Their freedom of movement will be taxed. All in a supposed effort to ease congestion. Our congestion mostly occurs for about two hours each day and is part of any major city. In fact it’s a sign of a successful city. One in which good are needed, purchased and sold. The question is, why play with the flow of goods into the city? And remember, it’s a city for god’s sake! What are those proposing this new tax expect? Empty streets? And why even have that expectation? People and goods have to get around or commerce and food will dry up. Knowing that no matter traffic will still in fact stay congested, city elected officials have chosen to tax cars much like they tax cigarettes. With the knowledge that their tax won’t stop the cars or smokers. Quick and easy money!

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Smoker Discrimination

By Jose B. Rivera

East Harlem - May 2011. The New York City Council and the Mayor of the City of New York continue to discriminate against smokers by making them pay increasing tax penalty for their legal right to smoke and by treating them like second class citizens prohibiting where they can smoke. All while treating others with illegal addictions like victims and with compassion.

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