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The Incredible Candy Shop

By Jose B. Rivera

image Tucked away near the corner of 110th Street and Third Avenue like a fantastic new secret too incredible to believe is the Coco Le Vu Candy Shop and Party Room. The exact location is 202 East 110 Street. Few if any business establishment in East Harlem will impress your mind, eyes and sweet tooth like Coco Le Vu.

Walking into the store is like walking into one of those colorized dreams we all rarely have. You’d think you were at the Willie Wanka movie set. Upon walking in you are greeted with a great looking well decorated store. There are green, teal, orange and black stripped walls, in front of which are beautiful white cabinets filled with candies.

The Candies
Boy does that place have candy. There are Sugar Babys, Double Bubbles, Waffers, Turkish Taffy, Root Beer Barrels, Lollypops, Clark Bars, Charleston Chews, too name what on just one cabinet. Not to mention Licorice, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Jelly Beans, Dots, Peeps, Baby Booties, Hello
Kitty, Caramel Eggs…. Well you get the picture. See the included photos. Wrapped candies are individually priced, whereas unwrapped candy is $4.50 a half pound. And you can mix the different unwrapped candies until it reaches the poundage you want.

Party Room
One can host Children’s Parties in some beautifully decorated room in the back of the store. It is $25 per child with a 10 children minimum. You may wish to call the store before visiting on weekends in case the party room is being rented. The store is closed to regular off the street customers while the Party Room is throwing a party.

The party room is also used to host different types of classes. A recently class was a “Divine Desserts” class in which the Chief from http://www.amanesca.com showed class participants the art of creating easy to put together delicious desserts.

Coco Le Vu was created, and owned by sisters Christine and Nalanie Milano. They opened the store in January 2012. And it has been a hit in the community. You will not be disappointed with this great new East Harlem Candy Store. Tell your friends and family. East Harlem deserves beautifully designed businesses like Coco Le Vu. Tell them Jose sent you.

Click on the links below to view photos of this extraordinary place.

For further information click on this link: Coco Le Vu Candy Shop and Party Room

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