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Ernesto’s New Book

By Jose B. Rivera

Ernesto Quinonez has followed up his very successful, “Bodega Dreams” with his new book “Chango’s Fire. Mr. Quinonez attended a book signing at Carlito’s Cafe, Friday, November 19, 2004 at 6:00 PM. Mr. Quionez read from one of his favorite books. He then read from the first few chapters of “Chango’s Fire”. Which captivated those present.

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Chris Bell’s Pictorial Book

By Jose B. Rivera

Christopher Bell’s new book, “East Harlem”, an Images of Amerca Series from Arcadia Press is now out in bookstores. It features pages of pictures from East Harlem’s past. Including it’s Italian history and some church history.

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Bitter Roots

By Jose B. Rivera

“It’s just too painful to talk about!” That’s what an aunt had to say when asked about her family tree. This statement would become the springboard that would spur Reginald’s research of his own family ancestry. In the three years that followed, he wondered just what could have been so painful that a family member would not want to share her story and take the painful secrets to her grave.

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