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Washington Houses CICAC

By Jose B. Rivera

East Harlem - August 29, 1998 - The Washington Community Improvement Council (WCIC) threw its annual summer party today at the East 99th Street and Third Avenue Park.  WCIC’s party was a great way to end their summer of activities which included a basketball league for youngsters age 12-18, cultural education, youth involvement, conflict resolution, park cleaning and general fun.  The WCIC educates the neighborhoods youth as it keeps them off the street and away from trouble.

Harry Rodriguez is the president of the Washington Community Improvement Council.  As you may remember, Harry is the former Chairman of Community Board # 11 and is the current Democratic District Leader for Part “B” of the 68th Assembly District.  The Executive Director of the WCIC is Eliazer Berrios, also known for his great work at the Union Settlement Association, member of the board of Operation Fightback, former photographer of El Barrio News and probable future editor of El Barrio News.  Taina Traverso is the Sports Commissioner for the WCIC.  She is also better known for her regularly featured cable show called Applause which airs on Manhattan cable channel 34 on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM.  Bernard Bowen is a member of the board of WCIC.

The day was filled with face painting, dancing, music, free food, bands, and award presentations.  New York City Parks Commissioner Henry Stern and City Councilman Phil Reed also dropped by to give their congratulations.  Democratic District Leader Felix Rosado was also on hand to help with the festivities.

Picture of cooks making hamburgers

Ahhh, there is nothing as tasty as free food. Here volunteers flip burgers and franks..

Picture of people lining up to get some food

And boy, folks were lining up to get the goodies. Would you believe I wasn’t hungry?

Picture of little girl dancing to the music

These little girls danced the day away. The one on the right never did seem to stop to rest..

Picture of the local East Harlem Press, Eliazer Berrios - Photographer, Mike Lopez from Applause, and Taina Traverso, also from Applause Cable TV show

These three (plus me) make up the small but budding East Harlem Press. (left to right) Taina Traverso, Mike Lopez, and Eliazer Berrios. They were there to document the celebration.

Picture of the organizers and friends, Harry Rodriguez, Eliazer Berrios, Taina Traverso, Felix Rosado, Frank Acosta, Bernard Bowen, Ralph Rodriguez

More important people. (Left to right) Bernard Bowen, Eliazer Berrios,
Harry Rodriguez, Frank Acosta, Felix Rosado, Taina Traverso and Ralph Rodriguez.

Picture of Harry Rodriguez dancing

A bet you didn’t know that Harry Rodriguez could dance (well he doesn’t either, but don’t tell him that!). What a treat. Go Harry, Go.  Look at those legs.

Picture of Democratic District Leader, Felix Rosado, with East Harlem Online Founder/President, Jose B. Rivera

Here’s yours truly with Democratic District Leader and friend, Felix Rosado.
Yes I am still wearing the T-shirt I received for Father’s Day.

Picture of Democratic District Leader, Harry Rodriguez with East Harlem Online Founder, Jose B. Rivera

Yours Truly with Harry Rodirguez. Am I the only one without the WCIC T-shirt?.

Picture of young lady models

Who are these beautiful young ladies? They are models from the East Harlem community. This group of young women are from the "Duran Sisters" of Uptown Arts World Wide. Uptown Arts World Wide is an Entertainment group which advances the modeling careers of young women in our community. They also cover music and other arts. They can be reached at 917-897-4466..

Picture of Ralph Rodriguez

Ralph Rodriguez inviting all to have fun. Yes, he is Harry’s brother, see the resemblance?.

Picture of children enjoying the water sprinklers

Remember doing this when you were young? These kids had a lot of fun cooling off while the music played on. Nice park isn’t it!.

Picture of women dancing to the music

Like I said, everyone had fun at this event. Dance, Dance, Dance. Don’t feel too bad if you missed it. There will be another next year and you are invited.

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