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Term Limits

By Jose B. Rivera

Picture of artful watchMembers of the City Council have recently begun to question the current end of their terms in office. Leading the charge is Harlem’s own, Councilman Bill Perkins.

Under the current law council members who were reelected in 2001 to a two year term would not be eligible to run in 2003 for a four year term. Councilman Perkins sees this as unfair. He says that members first elected in 1997 and reelected in 2001 would have a total of 6 years in office under the current law as oppose to a total of 8 years during a non redistricting years where all terms are four year terms. And when two terms will add up to 8 years in office.

Opponents of those leading the charge to change the current law say that this council members have always had shorter terms during the redistricting years after the census. They say that Councilman Perkins and others who want to change the law are only thinking of themselves and that it would take a vote on changing the City Charter to change the law.

But some council members believe that all it will take is a vote before the city council to allow the council members affected to allow them to run in 2003. If push comes to shove, this issue may end up in court. Pitting the city council against reformers.

Who is right? It well may be that if there is a vote on the City Charter, that you the voters will decide. But if you wish to put your two cents head over to the East Harlem Discussion Forum

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