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State Senate Race 2003

By Jose B. Rivera

Picture of the three candidates for State Senate, Senator Olga Mendez, Dem. District Leader, Felix Rosado, and Malin Falu

East Harlem, March 17, 2002 - It looks like the East Harlem State Senate race is beginning to heat up earlier than usual with the news that Spanish radio personality Malin Falu may enter the race against State Senator Olga Mendez.

Falu, a popular figure in her own right, may pose the first serious challenge to State Senator Mendez since Felix Rosado began running against Mendez in the early 90s’

Falu has stated that “It’s time for a change”, and that 24 years is enough time in office. She argues that East Harlem needs new blood to facilitate change in the community.

Democratic District Leader Felix Rosado countered that he would be the best candidate against Mendez and that Falu has no “history” in the community, and that Falu does not even live in the community.

Senator Mendez feels that she has strong support in the community and that it will take more than a new comer to knock her out of office. She mentioned her long career in the state senate and her history of helping the community through legislation and through her own influence. Her seniority in the state senate is also a plus.

Felix Rosado states that he too has a long history of community activism, being a former Community School Board # 4 member, Democratic District Leader, campaign manager for many elected to the school board, various judges, and candidates throughout the city.

This race can only get more interesting as September draws closer. What do you think? Who will you vote for? Add your two cents by going to the East Harlem Discussion Forum

(Picture above provided courtesy of East Harlem’s Siempre Newspaper)

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