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St. Cecilia’s Parish Website

By Jose B. Rivera

The Saint Cecilia Parish web site has gained new functionality and hopefully more visitor participation through the addition of a news section, discussion section and photo gallery. The Saint Cecilia Parish web site (www.saint-cecilia-parish.org) has been recently updated.

The web site now contains a news section, much like this one found at the East Harlem.com site.  In addition the website also contains a discussion forum and a photo gallery.  “It’s time to give the site more functionality” said webmater Jose B. Rivera. “There is so much history which I hope to capture and that needs to be captured digitally, in hope of preserving it”, added Mr. Rivera

Mr. Rivera hopes that more visitors will mean more data for the web site.  Well dear reader it’s up to you.  Visit the site and don’t forget to leave an entry in the guestbook.  JBR

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