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Snow Storm December 2000

By Jose B. Rivera

The year 2000 left East Harlem with over 11 inches of snow. The snowfall started earlier than predicted, but still delivered the punch forecasted by the news. Not that it canceled any pending New Year’s celebration in the community.

Most people waited until the 31st to continue their holiday season. Below are some pictures taken during the snow storm.

Most are taken around 111th Street and Third

Picture of East 111th Street between Third and Second Avenues during the snowstorm.  Home owner is beginning to dig himself out at mid center of picture

Looks cold doesn’t it.

Picture of Home Owner begining to dig out from the storm

Home owner beginning to dig out from under the snow.

Picture of East 111th Street and Third Avenue, during the height of the storm

East 111th Street and Third Avenue during the height of the storm.

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