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Savoy Bakery A Delicious Treat

By Jose B. Rivera

Service with a smile East Harlem, February 20, 2007.  Brian Ghaw gently wipes the glass where his delicious cakes and pastries are displayed.  As owner of the recently opened Savoy Bakery, Brian wants to ensure his business covey’s a sense of warmth.  Something which he accomplishes with both the look of the bakery and with his easy going manner. The bakery is both warm and welcoming.  Owner Brian Ghaw choose the current East Harlem location after a friend of his made him aware of the community.  Mr. Ghaw said he was “looking for growing community”  What he found was “the last neighborhood in Manhattan”.  Meaning, he was looking for a place with a sense of community.

First Impressions
The very first impression one gets of the Savoy Bakery is the neat and clean look from outside looking inside.  The bakery has a golden light hue. And the smell of freshly baked goods hits you upon opening the doors.  Everything is presented well.  The cakes are absolutely gorgeous to look at.  It is almost a shame to cut into them.  They look like works of art.  The cookies and bread are also very tempting.  All are baked fresh daily.  And it gets better.  Taste any of the baked goods and you will not be disappointed.

Photo Various parts of the Savoy Bakery, from outside to the insideAll of the baked goods at the Savoy Bakery are made with butter and no trans fats.  So they contain less cholesterol than you may expect from baked goods.  Can this get any better?  Well yes, prices are very reasonable! (see photo).

See For Yourself
The Savoy Bakery opened December 12, 2007 and is located at 170 East 110th Street (not too far from the Aguilar Library).  The bakery is opened from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays and from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Weekends.  You may have to wait a little in the mornings as that is the time a lot of community residents choose to buy their coffee and pastry.  Soup is also available for lunch. They will delivery certain items so be sure to call 212-828-8896 to learn more. Also you can visit their website at www.savoybakery.com.

Mr. Ghaw has done well in opening the Savoy in our community.  East Harlem deserves it! It feels good to buy a great product at a great looking place, served by local residents (and some from the Bronx).  The service is quick and courteous, the baked goods are light airy and contain no trans fats.  And boy do they taste good!  Whatever you do, Enjoy.

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