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Rosado Joins The Race

By Jose B. Rivera

East Harlem - May 15, 2004.  Former Democratic District Leader and Community School Board # 4 member, Felix Rosado has decided to run for State Senate.  He will join former fire fighter and current District Leader, John Ruiz, and former State Assemblyman, Nelson Denis in seeking to win the September 2004 Democratic Primary. Mr. Rosado has run in the state senate democratic primary before (in the mid to late 90s), against then Democrat and incumbent State Senator Olga Mendez, but was unsuccessful.  He also came in second in last year’s City Council race against incumbent Councilman Philip Reed.

With State Senator Olga Mendez changing to the Republican Party, Mr. Rosado has only one person to beat in this year’s Democratic Primary - Mr. Nelson Denis.  Both Mr. Rosado and Mr. Denis are popular political leaders with a solid base of support.  But Mr. Rosado may have a slight advantage over Mr. Denis in that he ran last year’s city council race and still has most of his support intact.

Mr. Denis has not run for political office in a few years and may have to rebuild some of his political base.  But remember, Mr. Denis has had Assembly wide support.

It will be an interesting three-way race featuring the “Formers”, former fireman, vs a former District Leader, vs a former Assemblyman. What’s the wild card in this race?  Congressman Charles Rangel, who is throwing his support behind John Ruiz.  Can it translate into a win for Ruiz?  Who knows, but that’s what makes elections such an interesting spectator sport.  Who will you support?

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