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Reed Wins Third Term

By Jose B. Rivera

East Harlem, September 9, 2003—Councilman Philip Reed won his primary election against 5 Democratic challengers. Reed garnered over 54 percent of the vote. And in a heavily Democratic district where no one votes Republican is the more than likely winner in the upcoming November General Election. Many Hispanics, who long for representation from one of their own, split their vote among the challengers. Thereby denying that possibility. The silver lining appearing to be that of Mr. Rosado’s strong showing. He is now in the position of front runner should he decide to run for this seat again in four years.

Ms. Melissa Mark Viverito came in third. A good showing for her first attempt at elective office. Mr. Ruben Dario Vargas surprised everyone by coming in fourth, followed by community activist and entrepreneur, Mr. Edwin Marcial who came in fifth and Mr. Woody Henderson who came in sixth.

Hispanics must now regroup, consolidate and try to reach a consensus for future races. Not an easy thing to do. As egos would have to be left behind for that to happen. They must also work hard to get out the vote. Although Hispanics are the majority in East Harlem, they tend not to vote. Whereas African-Americans who make up about 34% of the population vote in high percentages and are therefore the determining factor in East Harlem elections. Regardless, Councilman Reed did well and deserves to be congratulated—Congratulations Councilman Reed on your win.

Race Results with 100% of the Election Districts Reporting. Thanks to NY1 and the A.P. for the results.

 Candidate                    Votes        % of Vote 
 Phil Reed                     4478        54.52  
 Felix Rosado                  1589        19.35  
 Melissa Mark Viverito          973        11.85  
 Ruben Dario Vargas             467         5.69  
 Edwin Marcial                  414         5.04  
 Woody Henderson                293         3.57  
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