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President Dooms Elian Gonzalez

By Jose B. Rivera

The taking of Elian Gonzalez early this morning is proof positive that Liberal Democratic politicians can no longer be entrusted with our welfare. President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno should be held responsible for their cowardly deed. Elian Gonzalez deserves better than to be sent back to Cuba.

imageI ask, Mr. President, would you send Chelsea to Cuba to live? Then again with the President’s political world view he just may be comfortable in Cuba. It should fit like a glove.

I am ashamed to be a Democrat and an American today. Even worst than when the President refused to resign given that he had sexually abused a member of his staff. We are becoming a nation without shame.

It is unfortunate that the Attorney General has chosen to use Nazi tactics to forcibly remove Elian from his Miami home. Like cowards, they choose not to confront those who love Elian in the middle of the day. Instead, like Nazi storm troopers, they came in the dead of night (like the cowards they are) to remove Elian. You’d think that the President and Janet Reno could be MAN enough to do it right. But cowards know no right and have no shame.

Yes, I agree that the child should be with his father, but I do no believe that Elian should ever be sent back to Cuba. Just as Jewish people understand the horrors of Germany, and our African American brother and sisters can understand the evils of slavery, the Cuban people understand the serfdom of life in Cuba today. The President and Attorney General should be held responsible for this action. They should not ever be allowed to forget just what they have done. The year 2001 can not come soon enough for me. It is time this nation elect a man of honesty and honor.

This writer is not too happy with Representatives Serrano and Rangel. Just as they disappointed me with their actions in regard to the President’s impeachment, they have now bitterly disappointed and angered me with their actions regarding the Freedom of Elian Gonzalez. I wonder how freely they would hand over their family members to Fidel Castro? President Kenney would not have handed Elian over to Communists.

East Harlem Online would like to send our deepest condolences to the Miami Gonzalez family. We will support whatever you deem necessary to bring Elian back to Miami and to Freedom and we support whatever action you take (legal and moral) against the communist sympathizers who did not help in this matter. There are other “groups” who will not deserve the support of the Hispanic community in the future. We will remember.

For the first time, I will vote Republican in this year’s upcoming election. I can no longer in good conscious vote for communist sympathizers at any level of government.

Law is made for the people, not the other way around. Long Live Freedom

Jose B. Rivera
East Harlem Online
President and Founder
Brother in Christ

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: National Rifle Association -Support the First Amendment and protect your home from thugs! And yes, I am a member!

Editor’s Update: (January 16, 2005)  It’s been a few years, but Elian Gonzalez is still in that inprisoned island, no thanks to Bill Clinton and Janet Reno.  It’s sad really, that this happened.  A better solutions could have been reached without sentencing Elian to a life of communism.  But remember that is the politics of the liberal left, who don’t really believe in freedom, are not tolerant at all and whose belief in God is thinner than a sheet of paper.

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