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Melissa Jumps in the Council Race

By Jose B. Rivera

Picture of Melissa Mark ViveritoEast Harlem community activist Melissa Mark Viverito has become a candidate for City Council. Melissa has started collecting signatures for her petitions around the community. She is a member of Community Board # 11, board member of the Violence Intervention Program, Homeowners Association of East Harlem, and the founder of the Women of El Barrio.

Her political platform includes: Small Business Development, creating employment opportunities, preserving affordable housing, developing community leadership, youth empowerment and a commitment to accessible and effective constituent services.

Melissa Mark Viverito will compete in a crowded field of democratic hopefuls which include, Democratic District Leader Felix Rosado, community activist Edwin Marcial, news reporter Felipe Luciano and incumbent Councilman Phil Reed (the courts permitting).

As always in East Harlem politics, this should prove to be a most interesting race.

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