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Lisa Cortes

By Jose B. Rivera

May 1997 - Lisa Cortes is a community activist and a leader. She has chosen to work on the hard issues which affect our community. And has kept away from the politics which so often can alienate many in the community.image

Early History
Lisa Cortes was born and raised in East Harlem. She attended the State University of New York at Albany, NY., where she received a Bachelor of Arts, in English and Theater.

Community Service
Ms. Cortes became an Administrative/Legislative Aide to State Senator Olga Mendez in late 1993. Here duties included being responsible for reporting on relevant committee legislation and representing the state senator at various committee and Legislative Task Force meetings. She also conducted legislative research and the tracking of relevant bills in the areas of health, social services, commerce, economic and small business development.

After graduating from college Ms. Cortes went to work for E.H.C.C.I. (East Harlem Council for Community Improvement, Inc.) as an anti-violence adolescent program coordinator. She recruited and trained youth to become Peer Educators and she coordinated workshops.

Lisa Cortes is more recently known for her Public Relations / Outreach work at her current place of employment at the Boriken Neighborhood Health Center. Her fair and exceptional outreach work have earned her the respect of all who come in contact with her. While at Boriken, Ms. Cortes has created and Published the Boriken Newsletter, furthering her outreach’s scope and usefulness.

Albany Welfare Reform Rally
Ms. Cortes recently organized a huge rally for Welfare Reform. She initiated, coordinated, and got all necessary pieces and people together to accomplish her task. Ms. Cortes even got the local elected officials to provide buses for residents to use to get to Albany for the rally. Many local non-profit organizations also fell under Ms. Cortes organizational magic and lent their support to this endeavor. The rally was a huge success, thanks to Lisa Cortes.

Moving On
Ms. Cortes has accepted employment with the Mt. Sinai Medical Center. Borinken’s loss is Mt. Sinai’s gain. One can expect to see Mt. Sinai’s community outreach to be enhanced beyond that it already is now. Congratulations Lisa!

Lisa Cortes has a gift for organization, for dealing pleasantly with all she comes in contact with and for getting things done. She has resisted attempts to bring her into the fold of various political factions in our community without hurting herself in the process. She is a sought after commodity (honesty and goodwill rolled into one).

Lisa’s chosen hobbies reflect her high intensity and active lifestyle. She loves roller blading, rock climbing and dancing Salsa among other things. One wonders if Lisa does anything not requiring a lot of energy output? If Lisa puts as much effort into rock climbing as she does into organizing rallies you may not want to climb with her. Like, who could keep up with her?

East Harlem Online congratulates Lisa Cortes on her new job and the for doing a good job in our community. She personifies what is good in East Harlem as much as she personifies its hope.

Editor’s Note: (January 15, 2005) Ms. Cortes left the community to further her education.  We await her return.

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