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Liberals Blame Misery on President Bush

By Jose B. Rivera

Photo of President BushEast Harlem, August 5, 2005.  America’s crazys reacted knee jerk style after Hurrican Katrina hit New Orleans, by blaming President Bush for moving too slowly.  Congressional “leaders” and the left wing media spent all of Friday reporting about the Federal Government being “Too Little Too Late”. In the media’s haste to bash President Bush, they lost their common reporting sense.  Every where the media turned misery was there to be reported about.  And yes there was (and is) enough misery to cover three southern states (Louisiana, Alabama and parts of Mississippi). 

How the media expects there to be no misery is beyond this writer’s comprehension.  How the media expects the US Federal government to ensure that every single person and every single acre of land is “taken care of” by the fourth day is beyond reason.  Yet this is exactly the media expects by the way it is reporting the news.

Some facts are in order.  The Hurricane hit Monday.  No way to tell what is damaged and who is hurt until it passes.  Tuesday, is spent getting to places to assess the damage.  No single entity can be at all places in such a short period of time to give a complete picture.  Wednesday, progress is being made with the assessment.  Relief can be brought in, but it can’t be at all places within a 24 hours period.  Thursday, a better picture emerges as to what needs to be done.  The bigger the picture of what needs to be done, the more planning is needed to get things in order to do them.  Since we are talking about three states, it has to be planned right, done right.  Yet left wing wackos begin their howling basically calling for everyone to be helped at once! Which we all know is not possible in such a short period of time.  Massive amounts of relief materials and workers have to be organized and moved. 

Now that relief is getting into the states, the media has shifted its focus to what could have been done (bad hindsight) and how many have suffered.  Congressional “leaders” including some from New York protested that the President was too late, that he may have been biased.  Kinda silly since the south voted for the President.

In a time a crisis doesn’t the nation deserve the leadership of this country to present a united front, to rally all of us to get involved and or give?  But that is not what the Democratic Leadership of this country did.  They decided to make this a partisan political issue.  And for the second time in my life I am ashamed to be called a Democrat (the first being when the democrats in congress walked out of the capital in protest of the impeachment of President Clinton, when they should have been embarrassed for the nation and impeached him for abusing his power over a subordinate.  Democrats are funny, when it came to Sen. Packwood, it was “get rid of him, he is abusing women”, but when President Clinton did it, it became a private matter. But who ever said liberals have morals?

This writer does not believe we should have two sets of rules, one for democrats in office and another for republicans in office.  As a Christian I believe that when either do wrong, then they shoud suffer the consequences.

Today the wackos marched in New York City against the President for what they consider his slowness in getting aid to the south.  Where were they when Clinton sent troops to Africa?  Where were they when the Cubans and Sandinistas killed political prisoners?

When will they speak up against the atrocities occurring in China, North Korea?  But, they won’t, as they love those socialist/communist countries.  A pity they don’t move there and let the rest of us freedom loving people live without their complaints.

In short it is a shame that four days after this nation’s biggest natural disaster that Democrats, Liberals, the left wing media and other assorted Wackos, are throwing stones instead of lending a hand.

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