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Jorge Vidro

By Jose B. Rivera

Jorge Vidro, community activist, legal representative of State State Senator Olga Mendez.image

Early History
Jorge Vidro was born in New York City.  He attended primary , junior and high school in East Harlem.  After graduation from Benjamin Franklin High School he entered the United States Marine Corps where he reached the rank of sergeant in a record two and one half years.  He left the military to attend Siena college where he received his bachelor’s degree in political science.  Mr. Vidro was awarded a fellowship by the Washington based Council on Legal Education and attended the Albany Law School of Union University where he received his Juris Doctorate.

Community Service
Mr. Vidro was legal assistant to the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District and then served as assistant council to the commissioner of Social Service.  Mr. Vidro left   this position to assume his present position as Counsel to State Senator Olga Mendez.  He has worked at this position for the past seven years.

Mr. Vidro is active in community affairs as a member of several community organizations.  He is currently an elected member of Community School Board District # 4.  He has been a member of Community Board # 11.  Jorge Vidro has also served as a member of the board of the East Harlem Community Renewal Agency.  He has also served and continued to serve in the following:
Board Member - Boriken Neighborhood Health Center
Board Member - Upward Fund Program
Board Member - Touro College Advisory Board
Board Member - Julia Del Burgos Cultural Center
Board Member - Advisory Board of the Upper Manhattan Emerging Leadership Roundtable, Inc.
Board Member - East Harlem Labor Task Force

Political Office
Jorge Vidro has run for elected office in East Harlem.  He ran for School Board in 1996 and won.  He recently ran for City Council (1997) and lost to Philip Reed.  He continues to serve within the Democratic Party.  Where he has made a difference in the past as he will continue to do in the future. Expect Mr. Vidro to run for office in East Harlem in the not too distant future.  His straight forward logical thinking and grasp of how things work will serve him well as an elected official.  Not to mention his easy going conversational style. Mr. Vidro is one of East Harlem’s best thinkers.

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