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It Take A Village…

By Jose B. Rivera


I am sure that you have heard the phrase, “It takes a Village to raise a child”. But how many of you have seriously thought of what it means, what it implies? Whether or not it rings true? Does it take a village to raise a child?

What it means?
The phrase as it is generally used means that, let’s say in East Harlem, it takes the community to raise your child. Those who use the phrase (and take it seriously) would say that the community includes the school which your child attends, the church you worship in and all the people who “watch” over your child on his/her way home. It also includes your family, the barber or hairstylist, the butcher and society in general. After all don’t your taxes pay for services which help your child through his/her journey through life? (Again school, police, fire and other municipal services, road repair and state parks etc..)

The thought behind the phrase means that without society, without help, or assistance, a child can not be raised. Parents are not solely responsible for raising your child. In the post-Great Society information age, your child is really the responsibility of the state. Only the power of the state (the village) can guide your child through this difficult life. First Lady Hillary Clinton is very fond of this saying and is often found repeating it. (As if repeating is believing).

The Truth
Look back on your life. Does it hold true for you? Did the village ever come to your aide when your family needed the help? For most readers out there the answer will be a resounding NO. The phrase “It takes a Village to raise a child”, is both inaccurate and untruthful. This writer’s parents struggled with five children, four of which attended Catholic school (the best education at the time) with no village in site to help pay for the tuition. When this writer’s father went unemployed, the village was no where to be seen. No did the village come to our aide when hospital bill had to be paid or the groceries had to be done. Baby-sitting was not paid for by the village. The money came from my parent’s wallets. It seems that most fellow villagers need to live and survive, so they need to charge for services. Do we have two villages? The village in which I grew up in did not assist without proper payment. It does not sound like the village that Bill and Hillary often speak about. I sure would like to know where THAT village was my entire life!

The village that Bill and Hillary speak of, does not in fact exist. It is a village of some distant future being projected into the now (purposely, of course) in the hopes that it sticks in the minds of the listener. It is a sneaky veiled attempt at socialism. And as we all know socialism does not work and is DEAD. Why liberals continue to espouse this ‘falsehood’ is beyond the imagination of this writer. It takes a village to raise a child, as public policy has only been attempted in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and any other socialist government. Anywhere this phrase has been made into public policy, parents have suffered, as in not being in control of their child’s future or life (Soviet Union, China…etc). “It takes a village…” is a cozy, feel warm, feel of community type of socialist mumbo jumbo psycho babble. It has never held true in the United State of America, where parents work hard and do have the largest measure of influence in their children’s lives.

The truth is that nothing is free, and that parents must continue to work hard to make a future for themselves and their families. The school systems is part of society yes, but is paid for with our tax money. It is a service which we pay for. It is not provided for by the government. The money the government spends on our behalf is OUR money. Remember, the government does not generate any money in and of itself. It produces nothing. It just takes OUR money and re-channels it. So the government at all levels (local, state, federal) is paid for by us. Not different from going into a store an purchasing something. Liberals would have you believe that the money that the government uses is their money (the government’s) and it is being used for our good. BS, it is our money being used as part of the covenant with the government (as per the constitution). Yes, Liberals do think it is really their money, but that’s an other story.

So this writer is pretty tired of hearing this saying. If you happen to see me in the street, a meeting, a party, the last thing you wish to tell me is “It takes a village,..”, The next time someone tells me that “It takes a village….” I will tell them where to go, preferable they can go to that same village somewhere near the capital of China.

Questions for you to ask those who say “It takes a Village..”
1. Who is in the village of which they speak (who does it include) (family does not count).
2. Is the service free? If not, it does not reconcile with the village of which they speak.
3. Does it include neighbors? (if so, do you have to Reciprocate?, If so it does not count)
4. If this village is in China, Cuba, Canada, England or the past (Soviet Union) it does not count.
5. Any village where a service is not done without payment, before hand (as in taxes) or after does not count, as it is not the village which liberals talk about.

The village will exist, when Jesus comes.

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