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Irag, Determination and the Lack thereof

By Jose B. Rivera

Protesters protesting Army Career CenterEast Harlem, February 14, 2007.  The war in Irag has divided this nation between those who support it and those who wish for the United State to pull out unilaterally.  Of course both options can not be right.  There is only one correct option to take. Most Democrats advocate pulling out of the war.  They site many reasons.  For instance they say we were duped into the war with lies.  And now they say that lives are being wasted each and every day. That “the cost is too high”

Other Democrats and Republicans do not advocate a withdrawal at all. They say that it would give the wrong signal to this nation’s enemies and bring further terrorism to our country.

This writer believes that regardless of the reasons for the start of the war, that pulling out of the war like frightened little chickens will indeed embolden our enemies.  Enemies who respect neither diplomacy or any type of reason (remember 9/11).  They only respect the utmost cruelty as is evident in their fighting amongst themselves.

Seeing the United States pull out of the war will send the wrong signal to all terrorist.  They, who only respect force, will see us as not having the stomach to defend ourselves.  We will become targets until their terrorism hardens us to the point of saying “no mas” and taking very direct and absolute action.

Those who advocate pulling out of the war are very naive.  They believe the world will leave us alone if only we “behaved”.  They forget the lessons of history on ignoring evil, which is that the worst thing to do about evil is nothing.  It only encourages it further. History tends to repeat itself because we will always have those bent on forcing their will on free men everywhere.  Free men, must first of all be men about their fate and defend their freedom.  Free men takes chances in defending their freedom and many do pay the ultimate price for that freedom with their very lives. 

It sickens this writer that many are using the excuse that “people are dying” to try to end the war.  Yes, unfortunately many brave men and women are dying in Irag.  We should honor them for their contribution to that nation and our nation’s freedom. The military has always known its job and done it’s job, that of being prepared and that of fighting in times of war.  It’s what they do Dammit!  The argument is like saying that we should not have policemen on the street because they might get hurt.  It’s foolishness.

Getting hurt and dying are possibilities for our brave men and women in the police force and in the U.S. military.  They are trained well to fight well.  They are not trained to think like those back home advocating withdrawal.  Who not only do not want our nation’s troops to do what has to be done, but they themselves have not contributed to our freedom and then criticize those that do from a safe distance.

The U.S. needs to increase it’s participation in this war and expand it to neighboring Iran, whose expected nuclear weapons will not make things easier in the future.  Iran has helped create the road bombs which have killed many of our brave men and women.  And we do own them a little something for the Hostage taking back in the 1980s. It’s time we settle all past business with Iran. 

We will have to fight that fight with only half a backbone though. As the two ultra-liberal coasts engage in reliving the 60’s with sad protest showing only how much afraid we are of defending ourselves.  Again, it is sickening.  What would World War I and World War II, Korean veterans think about our lack of will?  I know what terrorist are thinking, they are beginning to believe that we do not have the will to fight them, and so they will continue to hunt us in the hopes of bending us to their way of thinking. 

It’s up to you America.  Fight now or fight later after we have been nuked once or twice. After that I know we will have righteous indignation and take the appropriate action.

At that time, those who did not advocate for the defense of this nation should be held responsible for making matters worse by weakening our resolve and by encouraging the enemy. Since we are at war, those who help the enemy whether through encouragement or by wanting a cowardly withdrawal should be tried for treason and punished to the fullest extent of the law.  This should be reserved for elected officials only. Who should know better.  They should have chosen to defend this nation’s freedom instead of posturing as an apostle of peace.  A strong defenses brings about peace, not the fear of war, withdrawal or inaction. 

Until then the brave will continue their struggle to defend this nation.  May God Bless them. Keep them in your prayers.  We are lucky to have such brave men and women amongst us.

President John F. Kennedy - Inaugural speech, January 1961,
“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

Whatever did happen to those Democrats of old?

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