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Harry Rodriguez

By Jose B. Rivera

Mr. Harry Rodriguez has been a friend to the East Harlem community.  He has been active in various community institutions and is also active in the political life of the community.

Early History
Mr. Rodriguez was born on September 20, 1954 in East Harlem.  He attended P.S. 109 and Junior High School 99, both District # 4 public schools. He attended high school at Julia Richman.  Mr. Rodriguez went on to attend Baruch College and Fordham University.

imageCommunity Service
Mr. Rodriguez has given over twenty-five years of his life to community service.  Besides his pleasant personality, he has done the following.  He has contributed over 10 years as a member and sometimes officer of the local Area Policy Board.  He has been Vice Chair and Chairman of Community Board 11.  Before becoming Chairman of Board 11 he chaired the Housing, City Properties and Economic Development committees of the board. Harry also served as President of the Washington Houses Community Improvement Council.  He is the former director of the New York Bilingual Institute.

Mr. Harry Rodriguez is the President of Harry Rodriguez and Associates.  A housing development consulting firm.  He is responsible for over 700 new units of new housing throughout East Harlem.  It almost seems that anytime new housing is constructed in East Harlem, that you can find Harry Rodriguez at the bottom of it (literally as he tends to want to oversee how things are done, bottom floor that is.)

You would think that all of the above sited activity would be enough for one person, but not for Harry Rodriguez.  He has a politically active side to him too.  He has helped many candidates who have run for office in East Harlem.  Mr. Rodriguez ran for Democratic District Leader (Part B) in 1997 and won.  He is now one of eight Democratic Party District Leaders in East Harlem.  Mr. Rodriguez makes no secret of the fact that he wishes to run in the 8th Councilmanic race in 2001. 

Family Man
In addition to community, business and political life, Mr. Rodriguez managed enough time to have a family (remarkable!!).  He has two children, Jehan-Paul age 18, who attending college and Michele Marie 15.  It is a rare occasion when Mr. Rodriguez does not mention his children in normal conversation.  He is very proud of them.

Mr. Rodriguez counts politics as a hobby so it will be included here.  He also loves to read adventure and mythology books, loves to listen to Jazz, dance the mambo, and is quick to participate in sports, (mainly basketball and baseball).  And lastly he likes to help under privileged children. 

East Harlem Online is glad that people like Harry Rodriguez continue to enrich and assist our community with their many talents.  We are indeed very proud of him.

Editor’s Update: (January 15, 2005) Mr. Rodriguez continues to represent the local Democratic Party as one of it’s District Leaders.  He may run for East Harlem’s City Council seat in 2005.

Editor’s Update: (October 15, 2009) Mr. Rodriguez continues to represent the local Democratic Party as one of it’s District Leaders.  And he is doing a great job of it.  Like, who does not love Harry?

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