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Galeria 106 in 2005

By Jose B. Rivera

New upcoming artist, Linda Alicea poses next to her art June 4, 2005. East 106 Street from Park to Third Avenue was transformed into one big art gallery. With artist featuring and selling their wares to all who attended this marvelous event. The event was laid out on wooden walls which spelled out “106” across two city streets.  Which were spaced out enough not to crowd.  Artist always have a good sense of space, and this event was not different.  There was plenty of room and plenty of time to walk around and look.

There were new artist like Linda Alicea (see photo at left) and well established artists like Olga Ayala and Yasmin Hernandez.  Fernando Salicrup was present with his computer generated art.

Other’s sold fold like Abuelita’s Pique.  Erisbelia Garriga was selling her new book, “Homestyle Puerto Rican Cooking”.  From the way it was selling, it’s a hit with many who wish to recreate those yummy dishes which are parents cooked up so easily.

There was music to listen too while browsing the art and eating food. There were lots of old friends there too.  It was a nice sunny day which ended with native Mexicans paying homage to the harvest with dance. 

Galeria 106 gets bigger and better every year. Can’t wait to see what next year’s event.

To see photos of this event, please go to this web site’s photo gallery, look under Events.

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