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Felix Rosado

By Jose B. Rivera

Mr. Felix Rosado is one of East Halem’s better educated and involved individuals.  He has been active in the political arena and has sought to improve the lives of all of El Barrio’s residents.February 1997 - Mr. Rosado is currently a Democratic Party District Leader in the 68th Assembly District.

Mr. Felix Rosado was born and raised in the East Harlem community. He attended public school in district 4. He graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School and received his Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University. Mr. Rosado received his M.B.A from Columbia’s Graduate School of Business.

A Belief in Education
Felix Rosado is a staunch advocate of children and their education. As a young man Felix Rosado provided remedial reading and writing classes in English to Spanish speaking youngsters at St. Edward the Martyr Church in East Harlem. He also escorted young men and women through his offices at Arthur Young & Company in an effort to motivate them to stay in school. Felix also taught beginner classes in accounting to high school students at a program called “The Door” in lower Manhattan. He is an eighteen year member of the board of directors at Union Settlement Association in East Harlem.

Community and Political Life
Mr. Felix Rosado has a long history of service to his community having provided countless hours as a volunteer in a variety of capacities. He was appointed Assistant Deputy Comptroller in 1993, at that time representing the highest ranking Latino to ever serve in the Office of the State Comptroller. Mr. Rosado was also appointed to Community Board # 11 in East Harlem, where he served as the Chair of the Health Committee. In 1993 he ran and was elected to Community School Board # 4.

In 1995 Mr. Rosado was elected District Leader in the Democratic Party in the 68th Assembly District. In 1996 Felix Rosado managed a write in campaign for three members of Community School Board # 4, who were thrown off the ballot by a local political machine. His work paid off as all three were elected to the School Board and so were two other candidates which he supported.  He was a candidate for State Senator in the 28th State Senatorial District in 1996 where he came within 18 percent of the vote needed to win that office. District Leader Rosado says he will try again in 1998.

image(left to right) East Harlem.com Founder Jose B. Rivera,
Congressman Charles B. Rangel, and 68th AD District Leader
Felix Rosado during the 1996 Manhattan County Democratic Dinner.

Mr. Rosado both dedicated and selfless in his commitment to the communty.

Editor’s Update: (April 19, 1998): Mr. Rosado went on to win reelection to Democratic District Leader in September 1997.

Editor’s Update: (January 15, 2005) Mr. Rosado remained District Leader until 2003, when he ran for City Council and came in 2nd behind incumbent Councilman Phil Reed.  It is likely that Mr. Rosado will run for East Harlem’s City Council seat in 2005.

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