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Ev’s Gift Shop

By Jose B. Rivera

Esther Vincent (EV, hence Ev’s Gift Shop), is doing well at her brand new location at 234 East 106 Street, which is located between Second and Third Avenues.Photo of Ev's Gift ShopPhoto of Esther Vincent owner of Ev's Gift ShopEv’s Gift shop moved from it’s prior below ground level location at Lexington Avenue between East 106 and 107 Streets.  It’s not any business owner who can pull this type of move off. 

But Esther Vincent is not just any store owner.  Esther kept her business afloat at its prior location while eying better locations throughout the community.  Any other business would have folded, but Esther was not about to let this happen to her dream and now is at a much better location.

Esther arrived in New York in 1977.  After starting a career in insurance Esther jumped into her dream of owning a gift shop.  She did so after attending an East Harlem Business Capital Corporation Business Wise course. The course are offered for 15 weeks and provide entrepreneurs with the “how to” of starting and maintaining a business.

Esther is a great example of someone who has a dreams, pursues it, takes a leap of faith and starts a business.  Our community is lucky to have her here.  She is both friendly and personable.  Not a bad business combination.

So if you need to get a birthday, anniversary, holiday or any occasion gift, EV’s is the place to go.

Webmaster’s Note:  Sadly Esther had to close shop in 2007.  I will miss her and her shop.  JBR

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