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EHTP Opens a Charter School

By Jose B. Rivera

imageEast Harlem - March 9, 2011 - The East Harlem Tutorial Program is opening a new school in our community. The East Harlem Scholars Academy will open on the last week of August 2011 with a Kindergarten and 1st grade class. Each class will consist of 25 boys and girls. New grades will be created as students advance to the next grade ending when they reach 8th grade. East Harlem residents will be given priority over those students who live outside the community. The student will wear uniforms and have a longer than usual school day and school year.

Applications will be handed out to parents as soon as Open Houses are held. Students must be at least 5 years old by December of the year they enter the school. Please view the attached PDFs and Fliers for more information about the school. Click on the links below to view the files.

Brochure PDFs

EHTP English Brochure
EHTP Spanish Brochure

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