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East Harlemites Protest the War

By Jose B. Rivera

Photo local activist protesting the war in Irag at East 103rd Street in front of the Army Recruitment Center

East Harlem - March 24, 2008. Local Community Activists took to the streets today and protested the war in Irag. The protesters, six (6) in number began their protests at 1700 hours (5:00 PM for all you civilians out there) They choose to protest in front of the Army Recruiting Center. In the great tradition of all East Harlem protests, this one was peaceful. The protesters main contentions were that the war was illegal and not justified and that our military personnel were being needlessly killed. In fact one of their chants was about putting youth in danger.


East Harlem.com does not agree with any of the protester’s sentiments.  The war is necessary as it send a message to terrorist that the U.S. will not be bullied.  And it is strange to hear about putting our youth in danger, as that is part of what it takes to accomplish a military task.  It’s like wanting to pull policemen out of the streets because criminals might hurt them.

But this writer does respect the protester’s opinion and their right (in the great American tradition) to have their voice be heard.  In fact it is because we have had a strong military for over 200 years that these very protesters have the right and ability to protest. And this writer is proud of having been part of the long line of those who have served in the military.  You might say, I served so that they may be able to protest.  And that is not a bad deal at all. 

Too all the protesters out there, let your voices be heard and continue to keep it peaceful.  JBR

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