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East Harlem Website Revamped

By Jose B. Rivera

East Harlem - December 12, 2009 - The East Harlem.com website has been revamped.  The site now runs on the Expression Engine Content Management System.  It took over 12 weeks of work to put the old site into a new skin.  The site now sports better News and Events sections along with a better organized Organizations (what use to be links) section. 

New Look
The front page and the whole site has gone back to having a three column look. This allows for the Organizations, News and Events to have a presence on every page of the site.  It also allows for highlighting local non-profits and businesses in the outer columns.

Membership is being added to the site as well.  Those who become members will be allowed to add comments to news articles as well as participate in the new Discussion Forum which is currently under construction and should become available sometime in January 2010.

The News section has been re-categorized for ease of use. And the latest few articles are always available on the right hand column. The Expression Engine CMS will allow for quicker and easier uploading of articles from anywhere with internet access, even from an iPhone or iPod Touch!

The Organizations listing has been itemized by type or organization with more and more organizations added daily. Only local East Harlem Organizations will be listed. Anything outside East Harlem’s borders will not make it to the listing. Photos will be added to the Organization listing in the near future (one photo per organization).

News Feed Subscription
You can now subscribe to the News articles by clicking on the RSS Feed icon in your web address bar or on the provided link on the right hand column right above the search input box.

Photo Gallery/Guestbook
The photo galley will be recreated and better organized by Spring, as will the guestbook.  These two features need to have the same look and feel as the rest of the website.

With the addition of You Tube videos, we now can show you snipplets of events after they happen. 

Future Features
Other features for members are being looked into.  But those features will be revealed at a future date. For now enjoy the revamped website. If you come across a link or page that does not work, please e-mail the webmaster.

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