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East Harlem.com Turns 10!!!

By Jose B. Rivera

Photo of East Harlem.com Birthday cake- 2001East Harlem - March 8, 2006. Can you believe it?  East Harlem.com is 10 years old!!!  The site that started out with just one page and 2 hits a day in March of 1996 has grown to over 500 pages and over 700 community photos. The website grew as the web grew.  At first there were no photos, then badly placed photos.  From there a few sections were created to organized the site’s information.

Now the site features a news section powered by the Movable Type engine and a dicussion forum powered by vbulletin.  Also featured is the huge photo gallery powered by Photo Post. 

The web site has also grown in size from being just under 25 megabytes for most of its life to over 400 megabytes in its present incarnation.

Many people have contribute to the site over the years, including articles, photos, and suggestions.  East Harlem.com thanks them all for their contribution to the site.

Who are some of the most frequent visitors to the site?  East Harlmites of course.  But students from all over the country actually out number visits by local residents.  East Harlem.com humbly thanks all those who have visited the site in the past 10 years.

The future of the site will see more collaboration with other community members and activists.  And a quicker way to update the events database which webmaster Jose B. Rivera created using mysql and php.

So Happy Birthday to US!

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