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District Leadership Endorsements

By Jose B. Rivera

Photo of Mr. Johnny C. Rivera and Democratic District Leader, Mr. Harry Rodriguez East Harlem, August 18, 2007. It’s been a while, but East Harlem.com is coming out with endorsements this year in the races for District Leader. We are happy to endorse Johnny C. Rivera in Part “A” and Harry Rodriguez in Part “B” of the Democratic Party . (From left to right in the photo to the left is Johnny C. Rivera and incumbent Democratic District Leader Harry Rodriguez.). Don’t forget to vote for these gentlemen.

Editors Note: East Harlem, October 22, 2007.  Mr. Johnny C. Rivera was unsuccessful in his attempt to become the Democratic District Leader in Part “A” of the 68th district.  But he put up a great fight, and has forged many new relationships which can only help foster a better East Harlem.  East Harlem.com looks forward to Mr. Rivera’s next race.  He will eventually succeed.

Mr. Harry Rodriguez trounced the competition and even fielded County Committeemen of which this author is proud to serve.  Thank you for the opportunity Mr. Rodriguez.

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