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De La Vega Charge with Vandalism

By Jose B. Rivera

East Harlem - April 7, 2004. On July 17, 2003, New York (East Harlem) artist James De La Vega was arrested and charged with vandalism in the Bronx. Eight months later, a motion to dismiss the charges was denied and he has been scheduled to appear in court (for the fifth time) on April 16, 2004 for disposition of the case. The prosecutor has offered 30 days in jail, and will not accept any form of restitution that does not include jail time.Picture of East Harlem Artist, Mr. James De La Vega

Born and raised in Spanish Harlem, De La Vega attended Central Park East and the Academy of Environmental Science. An excellent student, De La Vega was offered a scholarship to New York Preparatory School and later established The Fishtank (a working studio) on East 103rd Street and Lexington Avenue.

De La Vega has worked with many local organizations and has spoken at schools throughout the City serving as a positive role model for today’s youth. 30 days in jail for ‘vandalism’ - this is neither justice nor rehabilitation! Join us to show support and speak out against the criminal justice system.

Note: The above text is not my own, but take from fliers posted around the East Harlem community. I do concur with the message. Please come and support James De La Vega on April 14th.
Jose B. Rivera - Founder, East Harlem.com

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