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Coalition To Improve Public Schools

By Jose B. Rivera

The coalition is currently seeking to have the City of New York renovate Public School 109, which is now vacant. The school was vacated due to it being deemed “unsafe” by the city. Subsequent testing has shown the building to be sound and in need of renovation. Renovating P.S. 109 would create more classrooms for Community School Board District # 4 and allow the building to be once again used to teach our communities’ children.

The Urban Peach Academy
The Urban Peach Academy High School was established in East Harlem in 1993 to provide a high quality academic education for New York City students, graduates of Community School District # 4 in particular. In our curriculum we address issues of peace and justice, wealth and power, racism, and the creation of ourselves and our cultures. Our goal is to develop the ability to use our minds well in order to create a community that through its ideas and actions, makes the world a better place.

P.S. 109 (99th Street and Second Avenue) can provide that space if it is renovated. If and when the Urban Peace Academy moves to PS 109, it will free more classroom space for J.H.S. 45 students.

Classrooms in many of East Harlem’s schools are badly overcrowded. Teachers are handicapped in trying to teach. Students are not given the concerned attention they need and deserve. Only 36% of our elementary and intermediate students read at grade level. If the empty PS 109 is renovated, it will immediately help provide more building space and make for more classrooms in our school district # 4.

The Movement/Petitions
The movement to improve our public schools is fast gathering momentum. More and more people are praying for this and more, and more are becoming active.

Let us pray especially for the renovation of the empty PS 109. Let us help in gathering petitions. Bring them with you to Church of the Resurrection on the date indicated below. Let us pray and look for help in filling out questionnaires on the overcrowding in our classrooms and in our school buildings.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who built it.” Psalm 127:1

Contact Information:
Rev. Norman Eddy
212-831-5506 (to leave a message)

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