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Salsa Muesum in East Harlem

By Jose B. Rivera

Picture of reduced reproduction of the New York Daily News article of Dec 3, 1998 on the Salsa Museum in East Harlem

So much for taking it for granted.  The Salsa Museum is located in a large back room of the Made in Puerto Rico store.  Which itself is located at 2127 Third Avenue (116th St. and Third). The museum is opened daily from noon till 8:00 P.M.  Admission is free.  Not even a suggested price!!.  You can’t beat that.

Efrain Suarez is one of the founders and minds the Made in Puerto Rico Store.  He came upon the idea while talking with friends about Salsa.  The museum is proud to display the very instruments which many Salsa artist used to play their music.

This writer found out about the museum through a New York Daily News article written on December 3, 1998.  Yes, I know, sometimes news does not travel quite as fast as we’d like.  But leave it to the Daily News to tell us East Harlemites what is happening in our community.  Shame on us.  Back to our story, Joe Cuba serves as the assistant director for the museum.  The instruments displayed are loan or given to the museum by the artist who played them. 

Imagine holding the Congas which Joe Cuba once played.  Or on a cerebral note, reading up on the history of Salsa.  The Who’s Who of this great sound?  Whatever your interest in Salsa, it would be a great experience to visit the Museum and the Made in Puerto Rico store.  If you wish to call before hand here is the number: 212-289-1368.  East Harlem Online will bring you more news and pictures about the museum later on this month. Salsa lives on…

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