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Mosaic Preparatory Academy Hosts A Health Fair

By Jose B. Rivera

On Saturday, May 1st, hundreds of members of the East Harlem community participated in Mosaic Preparatory Academy’s first annual Community Health and Fitness Fair.  A college prep public school in East Harlem, Mosaic Preparatory Academy brought together health professionals from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Public Health Education Center of Harlem Hospital, the American Diabetes Association, and the New York Road Runners.  The New York Knicks Groove Truck and Power 105FM were also present for the event. 

The Community Health and Fitness Fair began with an informative multimedia presentation from Harlem Hospital’s Hip Hop Stroke during which viewers learned about the initial signs of stroke through hip-hop music and creative animation.  After the performance, participants were encouraged to visit the numerous information tables where they could gain crucial knowledge and resources regarding asthma, cancer, diabetes, fire safety, nutrition, and general fitness.  Blood pressure and glucose screenings were also available for adults. 

In addition to the informational tables, members of Mosaic’s staff led interactive health stations where participants could make their own healthy cookbooks, learn how to find their pulse, fix themselves a healthy snack, read a nutrition label, sort different food items according to their nutritional value, exercise through dance, and learn about various disabilities and impairments.  Volunteers from New York Cares also led a variety of athletic events, such as soccer and kickball.

An enjoyable day was had by all community participants, health and fitness professionals, and volunteers as they exercised together and learned about tangible ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle and improve long-term fitness.

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