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Evelyln Castro

By Jose B. Rivera

Evelyn CastroNo one has worked longer hours than Ms. Castro. She is well known for working past 9:00 or 10:00 P.M. after getting to work before 9:00 A.M. She is also known for her fairness when dealing with parents, teachers and staff.

The most amazing thing of all is that in a time when people constantly move from job to job, Ms. Castro has spent her entire career in East Harlem.

Early History
Evelyn Castro was born and raised in Bronx, NY. After receiving her teaching degree, she started to teach in East Harlem’s P.S. 101. The year was 1974. From there she was sent to PS 108. In 1982 Evelyn was summoned to the District Office to become the Executive Assistant to Superintendent Anthony Alvarado. Evelyn learned the Educational system well and soon became the Assistant Director of Funded Programs.

Principal of PS 102
In 1991 Evelyn became the Principal of PS 102 where she stayed until she was again called by the District Office to become Director of Operations for the district. In 1995, Ms. Castro was called upon to be the Acting Superintendent when the former Superintendent retired.

The 1996-1999 Community School Board members decided that Ms. Castro had done an excellent job as Acting Superintendent and appointed her Superintendent in 1996. In May 1997 the same board appointed her to a three year term as Superintendent.

imageSuperintendent Evelyn Castro with her immediate staff: (left to right) Deputy Superintendent Camille Aromando, Superintendent Castro, Director of Funded Programs Hilda Sanchez and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Robert Gyles Ph.D.

Ms. Castro has picked an excellent staff to assist her in her work. She also has the political savvy necessary for the job. It’s not an easy task juggling the demands of 9 school board members, staff, teachers, union officials, parents and students. One must be part educational professional and part politician. Her skills in these areas are second to none. Ms. Castro must also deal with “Central Board”, their staff, policies and demands on her time. Evelyn Castro has been skillful in dealing with everyone that she must deal with, in a professional, disciplined, hard working yet kind manner, East Harlem Online is pleased that Ms. Castro is the person overseeing the education of East Harlem’s children.

Editor’s Note: (January 15, 2005)  Ms. Castro has been re-assigned within the new Department of Education after the local school boards were dismantled (The School Boards were dismantled no thanks to input from the United Federation of Teachers, who apparently don’t believe in decentralization and who could care less about parents having a say in their children’s education.  It is not hard to see why the New York City Public Schools are in such bad shape.  Full credit should go to the U.F.T.).

Editor’s Note: (October 15, 2009) Ms. Castro has retired from the Department of Education.

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