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Edwin and Los Platanos

By Jose B. Rivera

As I said, I came upon Edwin who was set up behind a table.  The small table contained small platano cakes, opened on top to reveal delicious scrimps in sauce.  I wanted to sample one but Edwin directed me to a doorway around the corner where someone else was actually cooking the small delights.  And they tasted as great as they looked. 

It turns out Edwin was selling a set of products which included an 1E-Z Platano (Plantain)Peeler, a Tostonera and a cook book.  For the unheard of price of $30.00.  The taste of Plantain, scrimp and sauce convinced me to buy set of products.  As I would have access to that small treat any time I wanted.

After obtaining some of the incredients I was ready to cook.  Edwin’s book comes with recipes for over 50 dishes including Appetizers, Sauces, Meats and Poultry, Seafood, Deserts and Tropical Refreshments.  Not all the recipes have to do with plantains.  If you are like me you will also love the desert part of the book.

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