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Concede Mr. Gore

By Jose B. Rivera

East Harlem - November 14, 2000. Enough is enough. East Harlem Online implores Vice President Gore to end his ill fated attempt at capturing the White House and do the right and legal thing by conceding the election to George W. Bush.


We ask this first because it is the outcome of the election. Secondly, we ask because laws govern this nation. We feel bad that some residents did not take the time to read their ballots correctly (4% Vs 96% who did), but that is their responsibility. In New York City we take the time to look at the names on the election machine. In Florida residents who had the butterfly ballot hand ample time to see the ballot; in the newspaper, and the sample mailed to them by the Democratic Party before the election. Nor is it the first time these residents have seen this ballot. They had the same type of ballot in 1996. Lastly, the ballot was approved before hand by both parties. How much voting education do these people need?

It is a shame that Mr. Gore has chosen to take advantage of the butterfly ballot to hold onto power. He is actively encouraging and inciting people to come to his unconstitutional way of thinking. That he MAY have won the popular vote (wait till the overseas ballots come in), has no relevance to this race. It is the electoral college that determines who wins the presidency. You can’t try to change the rules midstream. As much as many in my community would like to see a Democrat in the White House, I can not be anything other than a fair and law abiding Democrat. I ask that Vice President Gore do the right thing and put an end to this mess. We need to move on. Else the backlash will come. And in the end, Democrats will have to pay for your lack of good judgement and adherence to the Constitution.

Jose B. Rivera
East Harlem Online

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