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Con Ed Sub-Station in East Harlem

By Jose B. Rivera

Photo of Con Edison workers on East 111th Street and Third AvenueEast Harlem - April 3, 2006.  The Community Association of the East Harlem Triangle has brought up the issue of Con Edison Sub-Stations by holding a Town Hall meeting Friday, April 7th, 2006. Many will see and hear the word sub-station and immediately think of health concerns. Particularly as they relate to electromagnetic fields and any harmful effects they may have. This issue has been brought up in other communities in and around the city for the past 10 years.  Because of increase power consumption, more power must be “generated”.  Consumers have gadgets which did not exists over 20 years ago.  Computers, Cable TV, Printers, Modems, Home Theater Systems, etc. 

Other Say No
Other communities have been hostile to Con Edison sub-stations near their residence.  They have Protested and have taken legal action to thwart the generation of power.

But this does not take care of the issue.  Where is the power to come from?  In whose community will these much needed sub-stations be built? Are we talking from both sides of our mouths in wanting more power but not being willing to have the sub-station built in our communities.

Are we willing to pay the price of not having sub-stations build in our communities? Mainly power outages in the summer months?

The Community Association of the East Harlem Triangle is providing a valuable community service in sponsoring this discussion.  But no discussion about this issue will be complete without the answer to the question - Where will our power come from, if not from local sub-stations?

Taking Responsibility
This writer does not mind not having sub-stations in the community as long as we are not putting the problem in someone lap or community.  If we use the power, we should then have our own sub-station and any community that balks at a sub-station should be the first to have brown and blackouts throughout the summer months.

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