St. Cecilia's Church

Picture of Saint Cecilia's Church from the corner of Lexington Avenue.

Saint Cecilia's Church located on 106th Street between Lexington and Park Avenues.

Picture of the new Well at the entrance to the church.

The Well, a new addition to the church is the first thing you will see upon entering the church.

Picture of the church alter from the back doors.

Here is the beautiful view of the alter you will encounter upon entering St. Cecilia's Church

Vertical Panoramic View of the Alter from floor to the ceiling.

A vertical panorama reveals the beauty that is the Saint Cecilia's alter area

Picture of Stain Glass window depicting the Resurrection of Jesus.

The stain glass of the Resurrection of Jesus faces the East Wall of the church.

Picture of Stain Glass window depicting Jesus appearing before a Saint.

The south wall contain this stain glass window of Jesus appearing before a saint.

sc_organ.jpg (37268 bytes)

The organ at Saint Cecilia's has not been in use for a while.  It is as high above the church as it is beautiful.

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