Old Friends at the 125th Anniversary of St. Cecilia's Church
(What a reunion!)

Picture of a smiling Fr. Alex Ortiz.

Anyone remember this guy? He is from East Harlem and attended St. Cecilia's School back in the 60s.  He is an ordained priest.  Fr. Alex Ortiz.


Picture of Br. Connally

This gentleman may look a little different, but sure enough he is Irish Christian Brother Connally.  I hope I spelled that right.  He use to teach at St. Cecilia's Grammar School back in the 60s.


Picture of Br. Casey

This gentleman is Br. Casey.  He taught in the 70s and my wife had a slight crush on him then.  She still raves about him.  (Competition?).


Picture of Sr. Christine

Ah, one of my favorite sister.  Sr. Christine.  The fellow in the back toward the left of the picture is "Don Felix".  He got me my first summer job back in 1970.


Picture of Sr. Christina

Another one of my favorites, Sr. Christina.  You can't tell by their smiles, but all the nuns I have ever known are very dedicated people. They are kind, but determined to teach.  I internalized all my core values from the people on this page.


Picture of Denise Gerard

How about a former schoolmate.  Here is Denise Gerard.  She attended school at St. Cecilia's with my older sister Diana. 


Picture of Sr. Kathleen

Here's a surprise for you!  Former St. Cecilia's School Principal, Sr. Kathleen.  I was very surprised to see her.  She looks great. Wish I could have spent more time with her.  If you are reading this Sr. Kathleen, leave me some e-mail.


Picture of Fr. Skelly

My biggest thrill of the day with seeing this man.  A personal hero, Fr. Frank Skelly.  He helped to organize our C.Y.O. in the early 70's, provided us with employment and taught us how not to lose a kid under your supervision (Day camp).  To date I have never lost site of my own kids.  The trick is to remind yourself to continually count them.  We'd lose pay if we could not account for all of our kids.   Needless to say, we never lost many kids at our day camp.  Fr. "Frank" is at Immaculata in the Bronx. 


Picture of Fr. Dan

Fr. "Dan" also came by to say hello.  He was at St. Cecilia's until recently.  He is now with Fr. Skelly in the Bronx.  Fr. Dan was surprised by something, hence the look on his face.  I ran out of "digital film" so I could not retake the picture.  Sorry Fr. Dan.  I will try harder next time. (for a better picture).


Picture of Elsie Nieves

A good friend and St. Cecilia parishioner, Elsie Nieves was also in attendance.  This picture was taken during the reception. (as were most of the pictures on this page).


Picture of parishioners selling T-Shirts and other items

Remember, there is still time to buy T-shirts, journals and other items.  Just contact the church rectory at 212-534-7912 for further information.   Congratulations, St. Cecilia's Church!!!


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John Cardinal O'Connor celebrates mass at St. Cecilia's Church (125 Year Anniversary)


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