Neighborhood Advisory Board # 11


The East Harlem Neighborhood Advisory Board # 11 was formed on February 15, 1996 during a meeting at 22 Reade Street, New York, NY. It wasn't till then that the board came into existence.

The predecessor to this board was the Area Policy Board. Although the name and most of the members have changed, its function remains the same. The Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB) must prioritize proposals submitted by community organizations to it via the Community Development Agency (CDA) and decide on funding and funding amounts. The funds are federal Community Service Block Grants. This year the Community Development Agency was joined with the Department of Youth and became the Department of Youth and Community Development.

The board is made of 7 members.

As of the date this page the following members have been appointed:

Marion Bell Chairperson
Derrick Taih Vice Chairperson
Rev. Warren Abney Member
Betty Perez-Cutie Member
Clarice Smith Member
Rev. Domingo Vasquez Member
Lelise Wyce Member


Be sure to check the Community Calendar for information on the next scheduled meeting of the board. Meetings are usually held at 6:00 PM at La Guardia Memorial / Corsi Settlement House, located at 319 East 116th Street.

Some of the types of program areas which receive funding from the N.A.B. are:

Youth Development Services
Education Support/Truancy & Dropout Prevention (All School Ages)
Youth Leadership Development and Violence Prevention Programs (Ages 10-20)
Teenage Pregnancy Education and Prevention Programs
Youth Job Readiness Programs

Family Preservation and Enhancement Services
Nutrition, Mental & Physical Health Programs
Parent Education and Support Services
Substance Abuse Education and Prevention Programs
Adult Literacy/Adult Education
Adult Job Readiness Program (Ages 25-64)
Senior Services Program
Housing Program
Homeless Program
Entitlement Assistance, Advocacy and Support Services

Immigration Services

Economic Development

Aids Services to HIV Infected Individuals and Affected Families

Mr. Martin Oesterreich is the Commissioner of the Department of Youth and Community Development, which overseas each of the 33 NABs city wide. You can reach his office at: (212) 442-6006. The fax number is (212) 442-5998.


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