September 4, 2006

Metropolitan Hospital Closing?

East Harlem, September 4, 2006. The community has been blanketed with flyers by the "Community Coalition to Prevent the Closing of Metropolitan Hospital". The Flyer asks the public to join in a demonstration to be held on Tuesday, September,5th, 2006

The Community Coalition to Prevent the Closing of Metropolitan Hospital is asking that the Hospital not be closed. It asserts that the hospital will be sold without following due process and by shirting adherence to regulations without regard to the NYC charter and Advisory Board By-Laws.

The coalition also demands the immiediate reinstatement of Executive Director, Louis Martir who got the hopital through its last JACHO evaluation, but who has now been canned due to political considerations.

This writer has also been hearing rumors of throughout the community of the Health and Hospitals Corporation eagerness to rid itself of Metropolitan Hospital.

One does not know what to believe when hearing these rumors. They have been around for years. Especially during times of fiscal crisis. But something does seem to be in the wind. Mr. Martir IS an excellent leader. He got things done and has the love and support of hopital workers and of the community. Besides, it great having one of our own running the hospital and doing a great job of it too. So one must ask the Health and Hospital's Corporation, what gives? Why the need for the change?

This writer left numerous messages to Reynalda Walker, Community Affaris, who handles these media request for information. But Ms. Walker never returned my phone calls. Hence very incomplete information about this situation. It's a shame that PR people choose to hide when they are needed the most to clearify a situation.

So is Metropolitan closing? Is is Up for Sale to Donald Trump? or is this all just a trial bullon to see if the community reacts? By the looks of things, the community is beginning to react, rumor or not.

Posted by Jose at September 4, 2006 1:18 PM