January 27, 2005

Snow Storm Blankets El Barrio

East Harlem - January 23, 2005. Our community was a prestine white after over 13 inches of snow fell on it overnight.

Snow blankets the communityThe snow started accumulating during the day, January 22, 2005. Seven inches of snow fell yesterday with an additional six over night. The snow did not initial stop East Harlemites from going about their business yesterday. Most continued to shop, do laundary, and go out to eat.

But the total accumulation of 13 inches, blocked drive ways and street conrners made navigating the street a bit too much for people to endure. So many spent today at warm in their homes, listening to music or watching the two remaining football playoff games.

East Harlemites, being native creatures of the south or carribean, do not take to snow as those from northern latitudes do. No snow board here. A hot cup of coffee and a warm bed or living room are more like it. There is more than enough time to freeze going to work on Monday. Though children are another story. They will go out and play in the whte stuff, braving the cold chill with no problem at all.

With one month of winter gone, East Harlem and the city have been lucky that this is only the first big snow storm of the season. Let's hope we don't have to endure too many before spring arrives.

Posted by Jose at January 27, 2005 06:41 AM