September 05, 2001

City Council Debates 2001

East Harlem - September 5, 2001. The two Democratic candidates for the 8th City Council district debated at PS 50 this evening. A third invited candidate, Republican, George C. DiMartini did not attend.

Candidate Felipe Luciano speaks during the debate with vigorThe debate was sponsored by ACAB Corp. & Affiliates, The Cultural Committee of Community Board # 11, The East Harlem Chamber of Commerce, The East Harlem Council For Community Improvement, East Harlem Online, SCAN and co-sponsored by Human Service Consortium, Little Sisters of the Assumption, East Harlem Citizen Committee, Siempre Newspaper, Church of GOD of 100th Street, East Harlem Pilot Block / Taino Towers. It started at 6:16 PM and ended at 7:20 PM

People started entering the school as early as 5:30 PM and attendance was estimated to be over 120 people before the night was done. John C.Rivera moderated the event. Councilman Phil Reed and Felipe Luciano took turns answering questions previously submitted to one of the event's sponsors, Deborah Quinones.

The candidates' took turns fielding questions about economic development, the proposed move of the Museum of the City of New York, the 116th and 125th Street corridors, public policy and funding among others. The event was taped by East Harlem Online and will hopefully be made available in the very near future. Below are pictures of the event.

Posted by Jose at September 5, 2001 01:32 PM