July 25, 2004

Nelson Denis Gains Strength

East Harlem - July 25, 2004. Former Assemblyman, Nelson Antonio Denis' campaign for State Senate has been steadily gathering steam in El Barrio.

Mr. Denis has received the support of many East Harlemites, including The Women of El Barrio, Melissa Mark Viverito, the East Harlem Clergy Association, the East Harlem Gladiators, James De La Vega, Marie Dickson, Willie Mae Goodman, Cedric McClester, Sr. Leontine O'Gorman, Carmen Quinones, and former opponent, John Ruiz, who has decided to run for the State Assembly instead.

Mr. Denis recently opened his campaign office at 413 East 114th Street (between First and Pleasant Avenues. This is where the Denis campaign will coordinate their great effort to ensure that East Harlem is not absorbed by the Bronx Political Machine.

Mr. Denis faces two opponents from the Bronx. One is a child prodigy of a famous congressman and the other not well known. In either case, non are from El Barrio, or know much about it. And East Harlem is very picky about it's leadership. East Harlemites can smell the good, the bad and the ugly from miles away. This writer puts East Harlem squarely in Mr. Denis' corner.

How about the The Bronx you might ask? Well the people of the Bronx may be in for a pleasant surprise by the highly driven, very energetic and charasmatic leader who is Nelson Antonio Denis. They have never seen someone speak as elquently and with such vigor as Nelson Denis can. And he can do it in Spanich too. He will leave them breathless. Junior will not have a chance (Jose Serrano, Jr.)

Wish to know more?
Nelson Antonio Denis Campaign Headquaters
413 East 114th Street (between First and Pleasant Avenues
New York, NY 10029

Posted by Jose at July 25, 2004 11:51 PM