August 23, 2002

Edwin's Cafe

East Harlem - August 23, 2002. Edwin's Cafe opened for busines at the southwest corner of East 111th Street,with many local dignitaries in attendance.

Picture of Edwin Marcial in the forground with an outside shoot of his cafe in the background vspace= Among those who visited to eat and wish Edwin Marcial good luck were Dem District Leader Carmen Quinones, Fireman John Ruiz, and Nelson Denis among many. And Edwin added some class to the event by providing live music (see photo below).

Edwin had munchies on this first day of business (really opened for family and friends). And will have mondogo (tripe_, chuletas(pork chops), pollo(chicken), arroz blanco & amarillo(white and yellow rice), sopa de camaron(shrimp soup) and much more. The food is well prepared and taste great, dont' take this writer's word for it, see for yourself.Picture of Edwin's Cafe table layout from the inside

Edwin Marcial really outdid himself. The physical space is nice. It's like an UNOs for East Harlem. And the tables are numerous, but not enough so that you can't walk. Having a view of Third Avenue is also a nice touch.

It seems that Edwins can become the next major place in El Barrio to "hang out".

It's a pleasure to be served by Edwin's staff. They are quick (you don't have to wait an eternity to have your order taken or to pay your bill) and they are courteous. Of course they are bilingual Tip them well.

Edwins hopes to begin serving breakfast at 7:00 AM and then providng lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday till about 11:00 PM. There will be LIVE MUSIC on some days and COMEDY on some nights (to be determined).

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Edwin's Inside
Live Band
Edwin's Staff

Editor's Update: (January 16, 2005) Edwin's has closed.

Posted by Jose at August 23, 2002 03:36 PM