February 04, 2001

CB # 11 Installation of Officers

East Harlem - February 4, 2001- Community Board # 11 held its Installation of Officers (of the Board) on the evening of January 26, 2001 at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center auditorium. Civil Court Judge Jose Padilla presided over the event as a Master of Ceremony. Entertainment was provided by the Nigerian African Drummers and by Applause, a local nonprofit group.

The Officers of the Board to be installed included David E. Givens as Chairperson, Cora Shelton as Vice-Chairperson, Marion Bell as Secretary, Henry Calderon as Assistant Secretary, Patricia Byron as Treasurer and Deborah Quinones as Assistant Treasurer.

Before being sworn in by Borough President C. Virginia Fields, the new board officers received greetings from Public Advocate Mark Green, State Senator David Patterson, Assemblyman Keith Wright, Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, City Councilman Phil Reed, City Councilman William Perkins, and New York County District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. Congressman Charles Rangel was also present. Chairpersons from other community boards were also present at the ceremony including; Kyle Merker (CB # 5), George Goodwill (CB # 9), Stanley Gleaton (CB # 10) and William Garcia, Esq. (CB # 12). Community School Board District # 4 President Juan Estrella also attended the event.

Borough President C. Virginia Fields swore in the new board with the exception of Chairperson David E. Givens, who she sworn in a little later in a separate ceremony. Chairperson Givens then addressed those present. Fr. Karl Krauser of St. Cecilia's Church gave the final Benediction. Miosotis Munoz, the new district manager, was introduced to the audience and a lively reception followed.

The events was well attended and was even filmed by Applause, Inc. and some snippets by East Harlem Online.

Editor's Note: East Harlem Online erroneously reported about a supposed boycott of the event by Hispanic members of the board. East Harlem Online apologizes to Chairman David Givens and to Community Board # 11 for this erroneous report. It was not true. We will be a lot more careful in the future.
Jose B. Rivera - Founder/President, East Harlem Online

Posted by Jose at February 4, 2001 08:49 AM