December 03, 1998

El Fogon - Cafe Restaurant

Mr. Philip Colon

Picture of the outside front view of el fogon

Philip Colon, a local community activist turned restaurant owner has given our community a wonderfully warm and friendly place in which to eat Puerto Rican food. Mr. Colon had originally established his restaurant in the East 116th Street "La Marqueta" for the past two years. He decided to move his business to 83 East 111th Street on Machito Square. (near the corner of Third Avenue and 111th Street. Picture of el fogon chef Maria Velez

Dinner can be any of the following: rice, peas, green bananas, pernil (roast pork), pastelles (meat patties, season for Christmas), beef stew, soup, salad, yellow rice, red rice, beans, pork chops, steak, potatoes etc. Most meals cost $5.50.

Graphic of El Fagon's Handout

Mr. Colon will be happy to talk to you about local community activities, politics, and life in general. He is very talkative and friendly. When it's warm one can chose to eat in a open yard adjacent to El fogon. And unlike a fast food place, there is no rush to leave, as you are not timed. Once you get your meal, take your time eating. When done eating, stay and talk away.

El Fogon was recently featured on the New York Daily News' City Life section. Writer Lenore Skenazy was very impressed with El Fogon's food, decor and price.Picture of El Fogon customers.  The man to the right is Mr. Colon's son

This publication highly recommends El fogon as a place to visit, eat, and talk. Mention East Harlem Online and..... well you get to mention East Harlem Online. But seriously tell Philip that Jose sent ya. Who knows, he may direct you to the table at which I'll be sitting, happily enjoying my meal.

Editor's Note: April 13, 2001 - Since the original publishing of this article, El Fogon has closed for business. We will keep this page up as a reminder of the good work which Mr. Colon has accomplished in East Harlem and of course of his wonderful and friendly eatery.

Posted by Jose at December 3, 1998 02:12 AM