Metropolitan Hospital Center Community Advisory Board

Purpose and Mission
Community Advisory Boards for municipal hospitals were established as part of the legislation creating the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation. The law provided that "the Corporation shall establish a Community Advisory Board for each of its hospitals to consider and advise the corporation and the hospital upon matters concerning the development of any plans or programs of the Corporation, and may establish rules and regulations with respect to such boards".

The Metropolitan Hospital Center Community Advisory Board (CAB) is charged with facilitating the delivery of quality health care to those living in the communities served by Metropolitan Hospital Center.

As a result, the CAB is committed to establishing and maintaining communications with all organizations within these communities, to acquiring community input in the development of meaningful community programs for all those served by M.H.C., to disseminate information regarding M.H.C.'s needs, and to advising and suggesting programs to meet those needs. The CAB has also to consult with, advise and plan with M.H.C.'s administration, its Medical Board, the Health and Hospital Community Boards regarding the health needs of the community.

The CAB has the responsibility to help ensure that the community is kept informed of the goals and objectives of the Corporation and the hospital and of relevant significant issues.

General Monthly Meeting
The MHC CAB meets monthly for a general meeting. Present at the general meeting are, the Executive Director of the Hospital, his executive staff, the CAB officers and board members and interested community residents. This meeting is always held on the first Thursday of the month.

The Board (As of March 25, 2002)
The Advisory Board is made up of Executive Committee and Board Members.

The Executive Committee




Dr. Georgina Falu

1st Vice Chairperson

Marion Bell

2nd Vice Chairperson

Cesar Vasquez


Justino Lopez


The rest of the board is comprised of the following members:

Alicia Allick-Goudie
Philip Colon
Hector Diaz
Penola Jones
Richard Neimeth
Maria Angie Parada
Teresa Richardson
Antonio Rivera
Lydia Spencer

And the following Ex-Officio Members

Jose R. Sanchez
Executive Director

Richard Stone
Medical Director

Mostia Aujero
Nursing Representative

Alexander Brown
Employee Representative

The CAB is assisted in its tasks by a dedicated paid hospital staff consisting of an Associate Executive Director and a Principal Administrative Assistant. The CAB board staff is located on the main floor of the Mental Health Building at M.H.C. and is under the Community and Public Affairs Department, which is headed by Associate Executive Director Nydia Negron

For further Information
The CAB staff can be reached by calling (212) 423-7222 daily from Monday-Friday and from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Ask for Maria Rodriguez. For further information call the above number. You can write to the CAB at:

Metropolitan Hospital Center Community Advisory Board
1901 First Avenue
New York, NY 10029

The Community and Public Affairs Department can be reached at (212) 423-8000/7216.

For other hospital information, please call (212) 423-6262 for assistance.

The CAB like the rest of M.H.C. is not connected to the Internet, and as such has no e-mail address.


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