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Old 12-20-2013, 03:54 PM
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"This is my body, This is my blood'

"It is not precise, my child, to know all to be very agreeable to me; it suffices that you love me with fervor.
Speak to me simply, as you would speak to the most intimate of your relations, as you would speak to your spiritual models, your confidants.
Do you need to make, in someone's favor any supplication?
Tell me their name, be it that of your relations, of your spiritual models and confidants. Tell me instantly what you would actually want me to do for them.
Ask much, much. Do not vacillate in asking. I like generous hearts who arrive at forgetting self in a certain mode, to attend to unfamiliar needs.
Speak to me, then, simply, with profundity; of the poorer, at this time, whom you would try to feed, of the sick whom you would try to pray for; of the wayward whom you try to be a vessel for God's knowledge; of the absent friends who you want to see at your side.
Speak to me for all a word; but a word of a friend, an entrenched word, a fervent word. Remind me that I promised to listen to all prayers which froth from the heart.
And is it not to come from the heart the petitions which you aim at me for those who your heart especially love?
For you? don't you need any grace? At least make me a request, a list of your needs. And come, read it in my presence.
Tell me, sincerely, that you feel non confidence in my love, non security in my care, non trust in my omnipotence; that you may be fearful, empty, in pain and ask me then, that I come in aid of your efforts, few or many, which you take to liberate yourself of such.
Do not be bashful. In heaven there are many just, many saints of the first order who had the same defenses, though petitioned with sincerity and little by little were freed of such.
Neither vacillate in requesting spiritual goods, and temporal--health, memory, happy success in study, service and labor. All those I can give and I do.
And I desire that you request insofar as it does not oppose, rather benefit, your sanctification.
Today. For today. What is your need? What can I do for your well being?
If you only knew the desires that I have of favoring you.
Is there at this time a project?
Share it all with me, minutely. What worries you? What are you thinking? What do you desire?
What do you want me to do for your parents? your siblings? your friends? your colaborers? What do you desire to do for them?
And for me? Do you not desire my glory? Would you not like to be able to do some good to the brethren? the friends, the ones you love much which perhaps live absentminded of me?
Speak. Which things call, particularly, your attention today. What do you aspire most vividly. And through which means do you count with obtaining them?
Tell me if your enterprises are going awry and I'll tell you the causes of ill victories.
Do you not want to make me interested in something in your favor? My child, I am keeper of hearts and softly I take them, without prejudices of their liberty, where I wish.
Do you feel maybe sad or ill humored? Share, share unconsoled soul your suppressions, denials with all their inconsequentials. Who hurt you? Who hurt your self care? Who unappreciated you? Gather to my heart which has efficient balsam to heal all those your hurts.
Render all to me and you will conclude briefly, telling me, in my image, that you forgive it all, forget it all and in return you will recieve my consolating blessing.
You fear for venture? You feel in your soul those vague meloncholies which though unjustified, are not tearing? Encircle your arms with my providence.
I am. Here. Next to you. You have me. All I see. All I hear. Not one moment am I not near you.
Do you feel slighted on behalf of persons who once loved you well and now forgetfully apart themselves from you, without your giving them the least motive.
Petition for them and I will bring them back to your care, if it not be an obstacle to your sanctification.
Is there no joy to communicate with me? Why not make me participant of it as would a friend?
Share what, since yesterday, since your last visit to me, has consoled and made happy your heart. Maybe you experienced agreeable surprises. Maybe you saw darkness dissipitated, maybe you received ornate news, a letter, a sign of affection. Did you overcome a difficulty. Or slip a quick dashing dart.
All of that is my work. And I procured it for you.
For inasmuch, why not manifest your gratitude and simply tell me as a child their parents thank you my father, thank you.
The thankfulness brings with it new benefits, because the dogooder likes to be seen corresponded.
Neither do you have a promise for me? I read, don't forget, the bottom of your heart. Men are easily deceived. Not to God.
Speak then with all profundity. Are you firmly resolved not to expose yourself to that ocassion of sin? to deprive yourself of that object that weathered you? to no longer see that which exalted your imagination? to no longer engage what perturbed the peace of your soul? Will you return to be sweet, amiable, condescending with the other, who because they failed you you see till today as an enemy?
Now then my child return to your habitual occupations, to your workshop, to your family, to your study but don't forget the fifteen minutes of pleasing conversation that we have had here the two of us in the solitude of the sanctuary.
Guard, in what is possible; silence, composure, resignation and charity with the other.
Love and honor my mother, who is also yours. Return tomorrow with an even more loving heart, more consecrated to me.
In mine you will find each day, love anew, benefits anew, consolations anew.

[communion bread=body and blood of Christ] [at times Exposed, placed in a holding stand (monstrance) people sit in pews, quietly, toward at and just be with]

[from pamphlet titled for fifteen minutes in company of Jesus Sacramented (translated)]
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